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Surviving the “Business” of Healthcare – Knowledge is Power!

Barbara Regis is a rare bird in this day and age of impersonal medical care. She’s a true care provider who believes in providing relationship driven care. She helps one navigate the intricacies of a not-so-person-centered medical model of care with her big heart and huge compassion. Weaving her family history and childhood memories of her dad’s medical practice enhances the story of her passion for her work. We should all be so lucky to have a care provider like Barbara Regis!

Mary E. / Amazon

This is a wonderfully written book about the “business” of healthcare. It is a subject we will all be faced with at some point in our lives, or are dealing with now. It is packed full of information to help us make informed decisions about our (and our loved ones) healthcare. It should be required reading for anyone involved in medicine, including healthcare providers, patients and patient advocates.

Mike Hutson / Amazon

As a family physician, I related to all the issues raised in this book. While there are no quick fixes for our healthcare system, Barbara provides many very helpful suggestions for navigating the complex system now in place, and outlines simple ways to save money and advocate for yourself and loved ones. The personal anecdotes relating to her own experiences as the daughter of a physician, a primary care provider, and as a patient herself add a nice touch. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am sharing my copy with my elderly parents. I highly recommend this book to all patients, as well as healthcare providers …. and especially to our legislators. It is a quick read, but provides good information as well as food for thought as to what changes are needed to ensure that we all have access to high quality, affordable medical care.

Dr. Serenity / Amazon

This book is written through the eyes and expertise of a medical practitioner, a patient advocate, a medical business owner, and cancer survivor/patient. The author encourages each of us to be our own strongest advocate in health care knowledge and decisions as a patient or as a caregiver. One must be informed, ask questions, ask questions again, and buck the system as needed. Health care delivery and costs in the US have changed dramatically over the years, some positive, some negative. Change is needed in the future for individuals, families and health care professionals to survive. This book is an easy, delightful read, full of love and knowledge. Pass it on!

Amazon Customer

How often can you get advice regarding our current health care system from not only a health care provider’s perspective but also from one who was in the middle of receiving cancer treatment herself as a patient, advocating for aging parents’ care at the same time, and also educating others through her radio/podcast interviews ALL while writing this book? Never! This is healthcare awareness from a 360 view, so much to think about and be aware of, thank you for your thoughts on all 29 chapters Barb!

Marie Burns / Amazon

A very useful tool for navigating and understanding the world of healthcare. This book serves as a guide for educating yourself to become a self-advocate. The author is a example of a true care giver. Always putting the patients needs first and foremost. Should be required reading for anyone working in healthcare. Barbara Regis is a true honorable caregiver.

Tyler / Amazon